Last update: Dec 01, 2021, by Lubos Cernak, Telgart 457, 976 73, Slovakia

1: Licensing of digital content:

Copyright owner is Lubos Cernak.

I decided to allow everyone to use my works under certain conditions.

Unless otherwise noted, all my work on this site and everything downloadable from Dropbox is licensed under CC BY license.

1-a: You can:

  • download
  • print
  • give as a gift
  • share
  • modify
  • use in your own projects and 3D visualisations
  • use in your commercial projects

1-b: You can not:

  • sell my work
  • share without appropriate credit

1-c: You need to:

  • give me an appropriate credit (link to this website is enough for me)

2: My responsibility

2-a: Support using PayPal

You can support me using the PayPal button on the home page. By sending me the money you support this project. Thank you so much. You don’t buy anything here. There is no money-back guarantee because there is no product for sale.

2-b: Possible damage

Some .blend files have scripts enabled. It may be considered a potential threat. There is no way how they can harm your PC and I am not responsible for the plugins installed in your Blender, nor for the condition of your computer.

3: Stores

3-a: Terms of use

Some pages contain links to stores where you can buy my artworks. By clicking on such a link and going to the store page, you go under their terms of use and privacy policy.

3-b: The look of artworks

Please note that the colours of real artwork may look a little bit different than you see it on the screen. This is due to technological limitations. Each screen displays colours a little differently depending on the manufacturer, quality, and your specific settings. The same goes for printers. Therefore, it is impossible to match the colours to 100%.