K-329 Belgorod And All Equipment Explained

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In this article, I’ll show you my 3D visualisations of the Belgorod submarine and all its carried equipment. Of course, there are no blueprints available, but I did my best to find any available photos and drawings of these battle machines and used them to create my artworks.

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K-329 Belgorod – Brief Description

Special purpose submarine capable to carry several manned and unmanned submersibles for various missions and tasks like underwater battles, tactical strikes, surveying, collecting intelligence, building undersea structures, damaging underwater internet cables and so on.

Length 184m (603ft 8in) makes it the longest submarine ever.

The project started in 1995 as “Project 949A”, OSCAR II. In 1997 was put on hold due to the economic crisis. In 2000 restart was ordered. Continue as “Project 949AM”. Hull was extended in 2012 and the project continues as “Project 09852”, “K-329” a “Special Purpose Submarine”. Launched in April 2019

I’m a 3D artist and engineer, not a submarine expert, so I used info mostly from this video created by submarine specialist Aaron Amick. I definitely recommend you to watch it for more info.


Displacement surfaced:14,700/17,000 tonnes
Displacement submerged:24,000/30,000 tonnes
Length:184 m (603 ft 8 in)
Beam:15 m (49 ft 3 in)
Propulsion:2 x PWR OK-650M.02 nuclear reactor
2 × steam turbines delivering 190 MW (250,000 hp)
Speed:32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph) surfaced
Endurance:120 days (limited by supplies)
Test Depth:500 to 520 m (1,640 to 1,710 ft)
K-329 Belgorod Specs


K-239 Belgorod Underwater - Poster

K-329 Belgorod underwater battle

K-239 Belgorod and all equipment

K-329 Belgorod and all equipment – Poster

K-239 Belgorod - 4K Wallpaper

K-329 Belgorod 4K Wallpaper

K-239 Belgorod Patent Art - blackboard and chalk

K-329 Belgorod and all equipment – patent art chalk on blackboard

K-239 Belgorod Patent Art - old paper

K-329 Belgorod – patent art old paper

K-239 Belgorod and all equipment

K-329 Belgorod and all equipment – patent art chalk on blackboard

K-239 Belgorod and all equipment - patent art old paper

K-329 Belgorod and all equipment – patent art old paper

AS-31 Losharik – brief description

Can carry payloads to and from the seafloor. Have tools for manipulating things on the bottom (pick up or place). Developed for scientific purposes, can be used for surveying, collecting intelligence, finding and cutting internet cables.
In 2019 the fire burned out most of the interior and killed 14 crew members.


Displacement surfaced:1600 tonnes
Displacement submerged:2100 tonnes
Length:~65m (~213ft)
Beam:~7m (~22ft)
Test Depth:2,000–2,500 metres (6,600–8,200 ft)
Propulsion:1 nuclear reactor E-17 (15 MW)
AS-31 Losharik Specs
AS-31 Losharik - nuclear powered, deep diving midget submarine
AS-31 Losharik – nuclear powered, deep-diving midget submarine

UGST – brief description

Wire guided water-jet modular torpedo designed to destroy enemy surface ships and submarines in depth up to 500m. Multiple versions allow launch from the surface and undersea vessels. Also compatible with NATO standards.


Caliber:53,4cm (21 ³/₆₄ in)
Length:7,200m (23ft 7.5in)
Weight:2200kg (4850lb)
Warhead mass:300kg (661.4lb)
Speed:50knots (92.6km/h; 57.5mph)
Firing Range:40km (24.8miles)
Operational depth:500m (1640ft)
UGST Specs
UGST - multipurpose deep-sea self-homing torpedo
UGST – multipurpose deep-sea self-homing torpedo

2m39 Poseidon – brief description

AI-enhanced autonomous nuclear propulsion nuclear weapon able to roam the oceans for at least seven months and wait for orders. Come back for maintenance and be released again. The propulsion lifetime is about 20 years. Nuclear warhead power estimated upo to 100 megatonnes. Belgorod can carry six of these.


Length:24m (79ft)
Caliber:1,6m (5,5ft)
Speed:100 knots (185 km/h / 115mph)
Depth:1000m (3281ft)
Warhead:Up to 100 megatons
2m39 Poseidon Specs
2m39 Poseidon - autonomious nuclear propulsion nuclear weapon
2m39 Poseidon – autonomous nuclear propulsion nuclear weapon

2P-MP Klavesin – brief description

This autonomous, partially AI-driven sonar vehicle is carried in the hull of Belgorod.
Can be used for intelligence gathering and bottom mapping. Instructed before leaving a Belgorod. Belgorod can manoeuvre while it’s doing its mission and it knows where the Belgorod is and will come back and dock itself. Autonomous AI only needs some guidelines.

Can be used for reconnaissance purposes in the interests of the Navy, or to conduct scientific research of the seabed at great depths.


Length:6.5m (21ft)
Diameter:1m (3ft)
Weight:3700kg (8157 lb)
Range:about 50 km (31 miles)
Operating Depth:6,000m (3.7miles)
2P-MP Klavesin Specs
2P-MP Klavesin - autonomous underwater vehicle
2P-MP Klavesin – autonomous underwater vehicle

18270 Bester – brief description

Final detection of an emergency submarine or other underwater objects by its sonar equipment. Can be used for manipulating objects in depth. Destroying internet cables, building undersea structures.


Length:12m (39ft)
Beam:3,2m (10.4ft)
Height:5m (16.4ft)
Depth:750m (2460ft)
Speed:5,5km/h (3,4mph)
Endurance:about 4,5 hours
18270 Bester Specs
18270 Bester - deep submergence rescue vehicle
18270 Bester – deep submergence rescue vehicle

SHELF – brief description

Can be placed anywhere and provide electricity for deep-sea oil drilling, Harmony hydroacoustic sensors array and other undersea structures. Is carried on the back of Belgorod in the same place as Bester and Losharik can carry it down to the seafloor and back.


Length:14m (46ft)
Diameter:8m (26ft)
Autonomious Operation:208 days
SHELF - nuclear automated turbine generator
SHELF – nuclear automated turbine generator