Fun Facts

Last update: 17. November 2021

Few interesting numbers:

  • Average project size is around 300GB, including all rendered images.
  • Biggest project to date is Turtle Sumbarine – over 780GB. Including all rendered images and simulation data.
  • Average number of rendered images is around 15 000 – 25 000 per project
  • Average one image render time using 3 GPUs is around 4 minutes.
  • This give us roughly 280 days of render time using 3GPUs to date.
  • Average electricity consumption 85 kWh per project. (My workstation take almost 0,5 kWh from wall at 100% GPUs load)
  • Average workhours on one project is over 250 hours. This includes the study of the topic, voiceover, storyboard, 3D modeling, texturing and materials cration, animation, compositing, video editing and all posters and wallpapers creation and publication.


  • System: Win 10. I prefer Linux, but AMD guys are lazy make OpenCL drivers for my CPU
  • Blender and E-Cycles for 3D modeling and rendering
  • GIMP for all 2D work, sometimes Krita for texture maps painting
  • Inkscape for vector drawing
  • DaVinci Resolve witch Fusion for video editing, compositing anf final touches
  • Speechelo for voice over (has not been used for 01 and 02 projects)
  • Unity3D for real time visualisations
  • Trello to not get lost in the tasks

My workstation:

  • CPU: Threadripper 1920 (12C/24T)
  • RAM: 64GB Hyper-X
  • Primary GPU: RTX 2070 Super – Gigabyte
  • Nonstop workers: 2x GTX 1070 – Gigabyte
  • SSDs: 3xNVMe, 250GB system, 2TB for work, 1TB for video cache
  • HDD: 2TB WD black – all my work backup synchronized with Dropbox once per day

Does it look like a cool PC to you? You can trust me – not even close to a cool workstation for such as workload like the creation of the 3D animations.

Check my post how I created them.

As you can see here, this project is not like “download some pics from the internet, make voiceover and get tons of viewers”. It is very time-consuming and not cheap. Therefore I need your help. Every sharing and every cent help me to keep this project alive and make it better. Thank you!

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